Winner: Fringe Spirit/Audience Favourite Norway 2017

Winner: grand prix Stockholm 2016

Winner: Best Individual Performer (Comedy) Buxton 2016

Winner: 'Merv' Spirit of the Fringe Award Edinburgh 2014


Runner up: Favourite Comedy Victoria 2019

Samantha Mann is a minutely observed comic creation for those who love cringe humour.
— Roger Cox, The Scotsman

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She says:

"I don't use the Twitter an awful lot but it is a lot of fun to read what other people are writing so, for those of you who do use such things, I am (lurking!) there as @MsSamanthaMann."

Samantha says:

"My godson - my elder godson, I should say - has very kindly offered to help me make this website so I have placed myself in his hands! We have agreed that there should be a mixture of words and photographs and, although it is all looking very much glossier and more intimidating than I am altogether comfortable with, my godson assures me that this is quite the thing nowadays. I have told him that we shall have to see how it goes... In any case, welcome to my online box room! Please feel free to have a rummage around."

Photographs on this page by Katherine Leedale