Do not think of this as therapy in public, think of it as an exposé of the mores of Middle England.
— Buxton Fringe Review

Following her multi-award-winning debut, Ms Samantha Mann presents a safe, interactive hour of Agony Aunting.

Samantha is training to be an Agony Aunt. In an attempt to demonstrate her suitability for the role, and in order to fulfill her course requirements, she spends this hour sharing instructional stories from her own life and responding to dilemmas from the audience. Samantha points out that Joyce Grenfell has been a major influence on her attitude to advice-giving, when she sings: "There is no such thing as time... only this very minute... and we're in it." Samantha takes this to mean that we should all just buck up and stop complaining.

Anonymity is carefully guarded throughout. Tissues are provided. No satisfaction is guaranteed.

You Bring The Agony, I'll Bring The Aunt won Samantha an award for Best Individual Performance (Comedy) at the 2016 Buxton Fringe Festival.

Ms Samantha Mann gives advice on the YouTube.

You can hear her spill some of her trade secrets here:

Technical requirements:

Minimum stage dimensions: 2mx1m

Audience configuration: end-on or in-the-round

Sound: microphone and stand

Lighting: basic wash, some audience light

Electrical: plug socket for one electronic device

Photograph at the top of this page by Katherine Leedale